“ The adventure would not be that great without You ! ”

Un énorme MERCI à l’équipe de N.ö.H Prod. : Patrick Éche, Alice Pacalet, Aurélie Planchat, à notre sondier/régisseur/…etc : Louis Tandeau, à notre label manager : Sidney Régal, à notre manageuse : Hannane Gleyal, aux vidéastes et photographes qui nous aident : Jonathan Bayol, Olivier Serrano, David Bros, Tanguy Chausson, Pierric Forcade, Guillaume Deroubaix, Cédric Gleyal, Robin Viès, Guillaume Blanc, Olivier Pracht, Alban Leven, Pédro Seromenho, Antoine Liboutet, Éric Valée, à nos ingé son studio, master et retours : Pascal Garmendia, Rodolphe Giraldi, Fred Dosne, Colin Laganne, Laurent Ducosson, à notre éclairagiste : Guylaine Jalbert, à notre typo-graphiste : Marie Tandeau, à la formidable équipe du Club et d’Oc’live : Cécile Couëpel, Fred Joao, Julien Nègre, à Trollywood Production : Baptiste Arnaud, Simon Tapin, à Fiasco Production : Julien Bresson, Gillian Diez, à Dora Dorovitch Label : Francis Estève, James Reindeer, à l’équipe de tournage de White Flag : Marjolène Causse, Jacques Tandeau, Louise Pacalet, Éric Vidal, Aude Arko, Romain Delaplace, Thomas Delacroix, Armelle Ployé, aux acteurs qui nous ont fait confiance : Guillaume Yembi-Chantepie, Milja Kaunisto et Lydia Parviainen, Christophe Lashermes, Mellisande Derieu, Ismaël Valente, Daniela Rojas, “to our teachers” : Kieran Thorpe, Naïma Adan Ahmed, à ceux qui nous soutiennent et sont toujours de bons conseils : Soufiane Djaffer, Cyril Della-via, Sylvain Lacombe, Samuel Capus, Michel Besset, Pierre-alexandre Gauthier, Éric Anglas, Laura Delaunay, Olivier Nicaise, Virginie Signovert, Julie Mouliérac, Patrick Combalbert, Jean-philippe Hauray, Pierre Rougean, Mikaël Chamayou, Audrey Brégou, aux lieux qui nous ont accueilli en résidence : le Tortill’art, Lo Bolegason, la Maison Du Peuple, le Labo (ex-labo), le Rio Grande, la Maison De La Musique, aux musiciens qui nous ont aidé : Alain Zimmermann, Rémi Vidal, aux âmes charitables qui avait de la place chez eux : Franck Mottin, Marie et Sébastien Dubouchaud, la coloc du Reynaldès, Denis Schadler, Adeline Yembi-Chantepie, au public fidèle qui nous donne des ailes, à tous ceux qu’on a croisé sur la route avec un grand sourire, à tous les Kissbankers et bien sûr à nos familles, mari, femmes et enfants pour leur support sans faille !


released November 11, 2014

Tracks 1,4,5,6,7,8,9 composed, written, and arranged by : H.Bezamat, O.bouton, G.Minali Bella, I.Gomez, N.Billi (+ L.Tandeau / P.Garmendia), Tracks 2,3 composed, written, and arranged by : H.Bezamat, O.bouton, G.Minali Bella, I.Gomez, N.Billi + L.Tandeau. Co-Produced by N.ö.H Prod., Black Stamp Music, and all the Kissbankers / Recorded & Mixed at Studio Colorbox, by P.Garmendia. Aug 2013 - Fev 2014, excepted Blind mixed by I.Gomez / Mastered at Studio 27 by F.Dosne. April - Sept 2014 / Front cover : C.Gleyal (Undergang) / Mosaic : O.Serrano / Artwork : J.Bayol / www.budapestmusic.fr

Gaëlle Minali Bella & Olivier Bouton : Lead vocals, percussions.
Hervé Bezamat : Guitars, sampler, loops, ukulele, percussions, synth, vocals.
Irwin Gomez : Keyboards, synths, piano, bass, loops, percussions, vocals.
Nicolas Billi : Drums, percussions, pads.
Additional Musicians :
Alain Zimmermann : Flugelhorn on Connected / Rémi Vidal : Trombone on Invincible


all rights reserved




"Rising from the dark rocks of continental psyche, the ascension of this luminous quintet to indie-rock heaven is just a question of time and appropriate astrological alignment
They've got it all: the songs, the sounds, the characters, theatrical stage attitude, smart, literate lyrics and all kinds of little accurate details that are the prerogative of the great.
A kind of revelation!"
DC shell
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Track Name: The Roaming Souls
Until it rots
Down on the floor
Into mud and junk
Until the dark
Down on the floor
Of a lowering dusk

No absolution
It’s our daily bloody bread
Daily bloody bread
Roaming souls

Eating each other
Hunting the hunter
Nails on the meat
Searching for heat
Eternal lovers

No absolution
It’s our daily bloody bread
Daily bloody bread
Roaming souls

Die for me please,
Cannot bear this summer breeze, come on,
Come on darling, it's our last trip,
Take my hand sweet n’ kill our time
Together we dive to danger,
Dive to danger again

Daily bloody bread
Daily bloody bread
Roaming souls
Track Name: Fall By The Wayside
Earth is turnin’ upside down
Everybody’s livin' in
Do they already look () around?
The little conscience of being

All the promises fall by the wayside
When something is missing, you can't see the light

Under this blueberry tree
Is there a place for you and me?
Sky is turning above our heads
Can you dream out of your bed?

Twirling lights on the edge
Driven by a solemn pledge
We cannot see
Our horizon’s distant and hazy

All the promises fall by the wayside
When something is missing, you can't see the light
We face our dreams but we’re on the wrong side
And everyday we lose our pride
Track Name: Blind
Sadness and cold are all around
I‘m losing myself n’ feel let down
Stunned n’ alone along the gate
Am I too weak to defy it ?
I still smell your sweat and taste your skin
Compels me to end up on my knees
I ‘m so close to the end
Am I just going round the bend

I was torn by sorrow
I go blind
Alone in the waiting line

I should have keep my eyes closed
I should have led your hand
Like every, mother does with her unhappy child
I always try to keep the heat of this tenuous light
But I can’t recover what is over now

Tryin’ to find your own place
Will not kill the guilt you have to face
You can hide, You can fly
Your eyes will never fake
Taking flight without a trace
Will never help you to remove that weight
You can dive, You can try
Your eyes will never fake
Striking out your mistakes
Will not give you any kind of grace
You can lie, You can sigh
Your eyes will never fake
Justify our final fate
Will never forgive you in any case
You can smile, You can cry
Your eyes will never fake
Track Name: Distance
You and I
So intimate and bright
Distance lost us
Forgive the foreigners
They didn’t think about
The simple need to return
Long distance failed

It could have been
Summed up in one scene
But this play was just never meant for us
I know I have to hurry
But I’m further away than ever
Left you behind, don’t look for me
Long distance failed

Time is elapsing for collapsing stars
Track Name: Alive
Feel my fervor
Can you smell it ?
No objection, only veins beat
Any confusion, hiding would be nonsense
Please don’t stop showing your impatience

Don’t you feel alive ?
Alive and real ?

I will show you unknown treasures
When you're not alone
Look ahead the only trouble
Is the one you will not forget
Open your arms to this youthful freedom
You're not on your own
All the liars and push downs
No longer bother me

Don’t you feel alive ?
Alive and real ?

Stay away from your comfort zone
All you can do has all been done
Keep flying and lose control
Say what you want as long as you are ... alive
Track Name: Connected
In the deepest part of me
I hear psalms unknown to me
Drums hit louder than clamors
Heart beat of a rising earth
Falls in the forest
Raindrops on my chest
Whatever can this call be?

Whatever can this call be?
It’s always the same melody
Your freedom is so high
Now you will not wonder why
No one compels you
No one forces you to
Bend your back and fall

We’re all connected
We could become each other
We’ll be protected
Or could be my protector
No more Mister supreme
No more Kings of gold
We’re all supported
By connection of our souls
Track Name: Invincible
Standing on the plain
Alone on the plain
Strong on the edge
Safely trusting in yourself
Sure of the outcome
Time has come
For us to rise up
To rise again, again, again …

Deep in the hollow
Of war and upheaval
Feeling high, above all
Being invincible

No one can take a step backwards
And a voice is telling me
How to behave vociferously
Holding on against all odds
The bravery of the soul
The supremacy of the spirit
Instinct against the dread
All fights come to an end

Stand and fight,
Keep the force to walk the way Bloody wounds in half-light
Keep a clear head all the way
Track Name: White Flag
We've got to take our time, got to keep calm
Everglades we're diving in, we are struggling
Turn away from battlefields of our silent war
Bitter days and night curses have built our coffin

So hold your fire
Time to retire
Drop your arms
Fall back
Let me see your hands
Throw out munitions
Erase suspicions
Take a chance
The only way to stand

We’ll be sinking deeper with our anger
Can we forget our failure to make it better?
We’ll be sinking deeper with our anger
Can we forget our failure to make it better?

How to get over heartbreaks?
Waving white flags
How to get over heartbreaks?
On opposite sides

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